Quandoo – restaurant reservation platform

The Quandoo service can often be found on the websites of Italian restaurants. It is convenient and practical. Working with the form is accessible on a smartphone and computer. Quandoo offers flexible terms for small businesses and operates in 12 countries between Europe and Asia.

With an essential subscription for €29.90 per month, the restaurant receives a personalized profile in the service catalog and an adaptive booking widget for its website. An extended subscription allows you to activate a quick booking form that works through a form on Google Maps and Google My Business.

Booking Widget Interface

Booking Management

To manage reservations, Quandoo implements a classic and modern management interface that allows you to change, add and remove table reservations quickly. Notes and special requests can be added for each client.

For efficient table management, the service provides a function to optimize table rotation, allowing you to maximize the space in the restaurant and predict waiting times. The program’s algorithm receives constant updates and copes well even with the high traffic of the Venice Carnival.

Read more on the official website: restaurants.quandoo.com

restaurant management

Extended options for clients

Quandoo is not only a platform developer but also an online restaurant directory that is interested in loyal customers. The platform can generate additional traffic thanks to the filter system and the map, as well as through expanded ads on the directory pages. A mobile app and a loyalty program with cashback are available for customers, which awards points for booking tables and writing reviews.

More about the loyalty system: quandoo.it/loyalty

Promotional video with the capabilities of the Quandoo platform