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We have been helping businesses sell their services and products over the Internet since 2003.

About Us

The philosophy of Tetta Studio is to find a balance between technology, business, and the client. We do not just create websites - we create business tools that simplify interaction with the client, form a brand and motivate buyers to return to it repeatedly.

Put things in order, Automate routine processes, and Work efficiently - These are the three main theses Tetta Studio puts into website development.

Tetta Studio aims to create websites with high-performance characteristics and stable operation, designed to help the business operate effectively in a competitive environment and consistently benefit its owner.

Our websites will help increase the credibility of your brand, emphasize professionalism, and justify your price. If you want to launch your business, Tetta Studio will help you arrange everything correctly and reasonably priced.

Tetta Expertise

Web Development
Digital Marketing
Product Management
Business Analytics


Working since 2003 and helping businesses sell their services and products via the Internet, we have collected invaluable experience recommending us as responsible professionals. We guarantee high quality at a reasonable price.

Support and Coaching
for Startups

Tetta Studio loves brands that inspire and make everyday life easier and more enjoyable. Modern technologies make it easier to start a business but require organizational and technical skills for an entrepreneur. There are many ready-made platforms to organize the sale of goods and services via the Internet, but there is no single strategy.

Tetta Studio is an experienced specialist ready to take on all the technical issues related to developing, maintaining, and promoting your Internet project. As one team, we can implement your business idea and make it competitive and in demand.

Yaroslav Tryboi
Founder Tetta.Studio
Internet Project Manager
and Your Personal Consultant


Business Analytics
University of Pennsylvania
Search Engine Optimization
University of California, Davis
Google Digital Marketing & Ecommerce
Meta Marketing Analytics
Developer of automated systems. Master
ISTU, 2003-2009
Meta Social Media Marketing
Data Analytics and Visualization
Macquarie University

Our Clients

Tetta Studio helps local businesses scale up, fine-tune the sales funnel, and automate routine tasks. Tetta Studio can perform everyday tasks and organize various departments so that the entrepreneur can focus on more critical tasks.

Tetta Studio works closely with organizations around the world. We help organizations with the web development of official websites and web resources and also act as technical executors of various grant programs.

The Tetta Studio loyalty system helps young entrepreneurs and startups create an excellent and relevant product that can compete and make a profit. Within the cooperation framework, we can prepare the necessary documentation as one team, test different ideas, draw up a business plan and a roadmap for building a brand.

Tetta Studio helps young businesses organize e-commerce, set up a platform, choose a CRM, and create content. We do not sell partner programs. We select software according to the budget and goals of the client.

For running e-commerce projects, Tetta provides content creation services, organizing photo and video shooting, and developing online catalogs and promotional pages. Our specialists can conduct research or launch a parallel advertising campaign.

For young journalists and influencers, Tetta Studio offers ready-made solutions for monetizing content and building a good reputation. As part of the cooperation, Tetta can launch affiliate programs and advertising web platforms, with the help of which you can monetize your traffic.

of entrepreneurs

of Our Clients

Tetta Studio is a team of freelancers. For 20 years of work, we managed to visit and work in many countries: USA, Canada, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, China, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Denmark, and Austria. Our curiosity and enthusiasm offer our customers favorable conditions at a low price.

Our Favorite Brands


Individual services $50 USD / hour
Regular customers $40 USD / hour
Simple tasks within the framework of the annual cooperation 20-30 USD / hour
Web Development
Landing page Development from 200 USD
Websites Development from 500 USD
Website Development for Local Business from 3000 USD
PBN Development (~200 satellites) from 100 000 USD
Digital Marketing
Creating a Search Promotion Strategy
Internal website and content optimization, installation and configuration of analytics services: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Bing Analytics
from 500 USD / month
Search Engine Optimization and Promotion
Individual strategy, Content marketing, Copywriting, Internal linking
from 1000 USD / month
Setting up ads in Google Ads
Setting up an advertising account, auditing landing pages for efficiency improvement, and optimization of advertising campaigns within a month
from 500 USD
Web Design
Logo Design + Color Schemes 100 USD
IT support
Warranty maintenance of sites for FREE Indefinitely